Web Based PT EMR TheraOffice: What Sets Us Apart!

Why TheraOffice Web?
By: Erik Ziemer

For the 12 years that Hands On Technology Inc. has been in operation, we’ve helped hundreds of start-up practices grow from a simple idea on paper to multi-facility organizations employing dozens of staff.  The essential component to staying competitive and efficient when starting a practice is a fully integrated practice management system such as TheraOffice, with the hardware to run it on and the staff to setup and maintain it.

For most small practices, there’s no need for a server or any expensive IT equipment – TheraOffice is typically installed on a front desk computer and/or laptops. However, many practices reach the point where it makes sense to purchase a server to run TheraOffice, share documents, share printers, secure access via a domain, centralize backups, and other tasks.  This is generally when an IT consultant or company is brought in to purchase, setup, and maintain these assets.

What is the difference between an Internet application and a Web application?

Web applications have been around since the 1990s and are typically operated from within an Internet browser.  Although browsers have been making great improvements on the user experience for years, they still lack a lot of features standard in most desktop and mobile applications.

A new trend toward Internet applications has grown steadily due to mobile applications that run on phones and tablets needing to run on the device while sending and receiving data back over the Internet.  Internet applications will usually run faster than most browser-based applications because the data transferred is less than what a Web application needs.  Internet applications are generally more secure as well – this is due to the fact that a browser-based web application is open to the world to view and access.  The data in Internet applications are only available if the application is installed.

These days, Web applications have to contend with a wide array of compatibility issues such as screen sizes, browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), popup blockers, virus scanners, spyware blockers, and other software and hardware that can change the experience from device to device. Internet applications normally don’t have the same computability issues since there are less variables when running an application on Windows.

TheraOffice Web Simplifies IT

The main goal of TheraOffice Web is to reduce the costs and tasks necessary to purchase hardware used to run TheraOffice.

We have back-up plans positioned to ensure proper protection of your data, with a reliable and secure network infrastructure in place that allows our users to have a smooth and fast-working environment without worrying about hardware and IT consultants.

Security of protected health information (PHI) is one of the biggest issues surrounding practice management. All data stored in TheraOffice Web is protected within a secure datacenter that has 24/7 security with extremely limited access.  All data being transferred to our secure servers is also being encrypted and audited. Network and software design play a key role in the speed and responsiveness of TheraOffice Web. Every action that a user takes within TheraOffice Web sends a request for data to our network. As soon as this request hits our network, the network then transfers data at speeds of 1 gigabyte per second! This means a real-time work environment for your practice. With TheraOffice Web, a multi-facility practice is now possible without the use of a VPN connection, so TheraOffice can expand with your ever-growing practice!

TheraOffice vs. TheraOffice Web

TheraOffice and TheraOffice Web are nearly identical in most facets – we’ve taken years of design based on user feedback from the thousands of practices using TheraOffice and built it on top of a technology that securely transmits the data to and from the server over the Internet.  TheraOffice Web is considered a Web Application and runs on any Windows-based desktop, laptop, or tablet, and only requires an Internet connection.

Data Transferrable

TheraOffice Client and TheraOffice Web use almost identical data, making it seemingly effortless to take data from Client to Web or vice versa. With the ease of transferability, Hands On Technology now offers many different options for evolution as your practice grows with TheraOffice. The process of switching from one to the other is as easy as a backup and an hour while our live technical support team transfers the data. These capabilities offer a multitude of TheraOffice options for your practice.

What is the future of TheraOffice Web?

TheraOffice Web has shown huge interest from many new and existing customers, and we are excited about the future of the product. Currently, TheraOffice Web is available on a trial basis for smaller new clinics that aren’t currently using TheraOffice. The next phase will be to add existing TheraOffice customers who are interested in migrating to the web.  Additional testing is required before this phase launches, which will likely be during summer 2012.  A browser-based web application of TheraOffice Web is also currently in development. The goal of the browser-based web application is to allow for broader mobile device support.  This will allow any user of TheraOffice Web to use the fully functional and interactive Internet Application installed on the office PC to then go home and access the same data via an iPad, iPhone, Android device, or any other device with a browser.

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